As a Social Media Manager, I’ve run into a variety of issues when taking on a new client. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen businesses make when setting up a business page is to create a profile page under the business name to manage a business page.

Most businesses do this to avoid managing their page through their personal profile. Believe me, I understand why. At the time of this writing, I manage 5 pages and 3 groups and I get tons of notifications.

The real problem arises when you want to start running ads. Facebook is likely to flag your account and potentially shut you down for running ads through a “business profile” and not a personal profile set up properly with a business manager and ads manager.

Recently, I had a new client with this exact setup. I have made this change for clients in the past, but when I went to change the profile page to a business page, I kept getting an error with no explanation.

I’m no stranger to troubleshooting, but all my Googling turned up empty. I reached out to other Social Media Managers to see if anyone else had run into this issue. No one had a concrete answer.

I determined, after some digging, that the ads manager was likely the problem. Here are the steps I took to successfully make the changes needed.

Step 1: Admin Rights

If the business already has a business page, make certain you have admin rights. You will also need admin-level access to their ads manager and business manager. You will need to be logged into their personal profile account to complete this process. (If you are attempting this process for your own business, just login under your business profile page.)

Step 2: Deactivate Ad Account

Go into the ads manager and deactivate the ad account for the profile page.

Step 3: Convert Instagram Account to Personal Account

If there is a business Instagram account attached to the Facebook page, you will need to login to the Instagram account and change it over to a personal profile until the migration is complete.

Step 4: Remove Page from Business Manager

It takes Facebook about 48 hours to completely deactivate the ad account. They look for outstanding balances and stop all ads if any are running. I chose to wait until the ads account was deactivated before moving forward. After deactivation, go into the business manager and remove the page from the business manager.

Step 5: Convert Profile to Business Page

Go to THIS LINK and follow Facebook’s directions for converting your profile page to a business page. It may take a while, so be patient. Once complete, you’ll see a “success” message.

Step 6: Merge Pages

Go into the OLD business page and request a merge. You’ll find it under page settings toward the bottom of the page.

NOTE: You’ll want the two pages to have SIMILAR names before you request a merge. If the two pages aren’t similar you’ll want to request a name change for the profile BEFORE attempting ANY of the steps.

For example: Stacey’s Desk Business and Stacey’s Desk.

Step 7: Convert Instagram Back to Business Account

After successfully merging the two pages, you’ll be able to convert your Instagram account back into a business account and reconnect it to your Facebook page.

Step 8: Set up a new business manager and ad account.

It is always satisfying to find a solution to a complicated issue and this process was no different. If you have questions about my solution or would like to chat about a similar issue you’ve come across as an SMM or for your small business, feel free to drop me a line here.

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