In the world of digital marketing, content is king and comes in all shapes and sizes. Blog posts, newsletters, ads, email, landing pages…it all goes together to create a beautiful journey for your customers. A good freelance writer is a fantastic solution when you are short on content and time. Find some of my recent projects here and let’s discuss how I can help you!


Social media managers may be a dime a dozen, but the good ones are hard to find. What makes a good social media manager? One who loves calendars, organization, and planning. I love the power of a good calendar and organization “sparks joy!” Planning your strategy during my half-marathon training runs keeps me fueled and my clients happy.


Whitepapers, case studies, and other more technical content work beautifully for PDF downloads and sales teams. Building your inbound funnel creates trust and loyalty with your customers. Be the expert in your industry with in-depth pieces. Work with me to create the perfect content that educates your audience.


Having a website and other channels is the first step in reaching your audience. Most small businesses run out of time when it comes to keeping everything updated and ready for traffic. I provide everything from basic maintenance and updates to content strategies and calendars. Shoot me an email and let’s talk about your business needs.


So you want to leverage the power of social media, but don’t have money in the budget to hire a social media manager? Maybe you have someone on your staff who is tech-savvy and willing to learn. Or maybe digital marketing feels totally out of reach. That’s where my consulting services come in handy! I specialize in teaching small businesses the ins and outs of digital marketing and how to leverage social media. Check out my small business packages and see if one of them fits your needs!


SEO doesn’t have to be scary. It’s about understanding what your audience is looking for and creating content that matches. I specialize in writing with the right tone for your audience while using keywords and phrases in all the right places to help your website rank. It’s a puzzle I love to solve.



Understanding Your Audience

In a busy digital world, it is easy to become lost in the noise. Good business requires a strong brand, excellent, creative content, and a connection to your audience.

Creating Your Brand Story

Storytelling is the most important part of your brand. Why? Because it tells your customers why you are different and why they should choose you over your competition. And besides…everyone loves a good story.

Delivering What You Need

I understand that most of my clients don’t have the time to worry about the finer points of grammar. You need an expert that will deliver on point every time. That’s where I come in. My job is understanding your content needs, whether it’s your website, landing pages, email, or social media, and delivering the right content. Having an expert at your fingertips means you have one less thing to worry about.