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Health and Wellness Newsletter


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Many people discount the importance of their environment when battling illness. The focus is on treating the illness and not the surroundings of the individual. However, studies show that your healing environment may have a significant impact on your recovery.

What is healing?

The stress of illness can be minimized through healing environments. The word healing means to make whole and is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word haelen. Making a body whole consists of addressing the mind, body, and spirit. Eliminating the environmental stress of a traditional hospital setting is often helpful for those battling illness.

In order to elevate healing, a more holistic approach is necessary. This allows a patient to move towards wholeness regardless of the disease. Often, this shift in attitude allows a patient to experience a full recovery from illness. Humans are complex and providing a cohesive healing experience is the ultimate in health restoration.

What should a successful healing environment consist of?

An optimal healing environment takes three things into consideration: the larger physical environment, the social environment, and your natural environment. Elements such as light, space, and aromas are also considered in creating a space conducive to optimal healing. When patients experience calm surroundings, their bodies are able to heal in many ways.

There is another aspect of the healing environment which is often overlooked, and that is the internal environment. This is the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs of the individual experiencing illness. The complexity of the mind can have a positive or negative outcome on the patient’s experience. By fostering a positive thought process and beliefs, much can be done to improve healing in the body.

Why is nature important?

Studies have shown that nature is a key element in an optimal healing environment. A person’s stress is reduced tremendously when in nature. It improves the cohesion of the mind, body, and spirit allowing for further health recovery. It facilitates healing through calm, restorative spaces. Interacting with the natural environment has aided many pursuing recovery from a large variety of illnesses.

Receiving support

Another important aspect of health restoration consists of supportive care from both clinicians and families alike. They help support both the emotional environment as well as the physical one. Anyone dealing with chronic disease understands how important it is to have well-trained staff and loved ones available to provide empathy as well as treatment. They can also help a patient choose the appropriate environment best suited for recovery.

What options are available for an optimal healing environment?

While hospitals are beginning to understand the importance of the external environment for healing, they are often stressful and lack the ideal surroundings for true relaxation. Those suffering from chronic illness often choose to receive treatment at home and create a sanctuary, if possible. For others, they may choose options such as the Delta Member Retreat.

This type of setting is ideal for those seeking a full health recovery as it incorporates each of the important aspects of an optimal healing environment. However, no matter where you choose to receive treatment, make certain to take into consideration all of the aspects that will provide you the most success and recovery.